About us

TOPSEE Technology Co.,Ltd.

Topsee is China's leading supplier of network video surveillance solutions and core circuit modules.We are constantly committed to improving video processing technology and communication technology, and have core competitiveness in the field of video processing technology for IP networks. We provide leading network monitoring solutions, technical solutions and professional quality services to the world,and continuously create maximum value for customers.

TOPSEE has independent R&D and independent intellectual property rights for the development of network video surveillance series products. We also closely cooperates with powerful upstream manufacturers in the industry to widely carry out technical exchanges and cooperation. We have established long-term and close strategic cooperative relations with world-renowned enterprises such as Huawei Haisi, SONY and Sitwei,and promoted the global network video field technology development. Through the continuous leading and innovation of technology, we make every effort to provide complete production solutions for advanced and close-to-customer network video equipment for video surveillance equipment manufacturers of various brands.

TOPSEE has always focused on the forefront of image processing and communication technology. Through continuous leadership and continuous innovation of technology and products, we strive to provide our customers with more advanced technology and closer to customer needs of remote video equipment and development solutions, providing high -quality video products and professional image processing services. Relying on technological advantages, the market in mainland China has developed rapidly. The products have been widely used in many industries such as farms, hotels, fish ponds, restaurants, enterprises, service agencies, shops, etc., for public safety and social stability Made an outstanding contribution.

TOPSEE not only promotes the technological advancement of the video industry and changes the competitive landscape of the industry, but also drives a large number of manufacturers of video surveillance equipment of various brands to grow together with TOPSEE and achieve glory together with our partners.